Zagazig University Medical Journal

Zagazig University Medical Journal (ZUMJ)

ZUMJ is an open access, international, bi-monthly, double-blinded peer-reviewed medical journal. It publishes original and high-quality research, case reports and reviews in all fields of clinical and basic medical sciences. The journal aims to provide and exchange the most recent and up-date medical knowledge all over the world.

ZUMJ is the official publication of “Faculty of Medicine, Zagazig University, Egypt”; founded since 1977.

Vol 24, No 4: July 2018

Table of Contents


Hesham Samy AbdElhamied, Ehab Mahmoud Rashied
Alaa Nabil Al-shorbagy, Montaser Mostafa Al-Cekelly, Ashraf Al-said Dwedar, Mohamed Hassan Solima
Khaled Mohamed Ahmed Gaballa, Adel Denewer, Ashraf Khater, Fayez Shahatto, Valerio Gallotta, Giovanni Scambia
Ihab M Y Moursi, Karim Al Fakharany
May Mahmoud Sami Ibrahim, Ahmed Mohamed Gab-Allah, Ola Aly Hussein, Montaser Mostafa Alcekelly
Mazen Mohamed El-Sheikh, Fadya Abd-Allah Abd-El-Ghany, Yousry Elsaid Abo Elmagd, Rofaida Abdel Hafeez Mohamed
Osama Ahmed Khalil, Mohamed Mohamed Sakr, Fayrouz Othman Selim, Islam Mohammed Mohammed Salem
Eman Abdalla El Shorbagy, Ihab Mohamed A. Salem, Seham Mahrous Zaki, Islam Maher Wahid El Din
Ezzeddin M. Elsheikh, Magdy M. Abdel fatah, Ibrahim E. Ibrahim
Mohammed Alaa Aden Mohammed, Ahmed Ragab Ali, Mohammed Mahmoud Seleem, Abraheem Mohammed Ali

ISSN Print (p): 1110-1431
ISSN Online (e): 2357-0717