Amany R. Abo El seoud, Mervat B. Abdel Aziz, Ghada F. El-Sharkawy, Huny M. Bakry


Background: Blood bank has to ensure availability of a sufficient supply of high quality blood and
blood components for transfusion with maximum efficacy and minimum risk to both donors and
recipients Objectives:1- diagnosis of defects in different procedures of Zagazig University Hospitals
Blood Bank in relation to standards concerning donor selection process, nurses performance during
blood donation, refrigeration status, transportation of blood bags from one bank to another and to
hospital wards.2-Increase orientation and knowledge of staff concerning standards and plan to
improve one selected defective procedure. 3-Reassess the improvement plan Methods : The study
was conducted in Zagazig University Hospitals Blood Bank on 384 blood donor in the 1st phase and
354 in the third phase using structured checklists guided by WHO standards about blood banking
procedures, also the study was conducted on 232 blood bag issued from the bood bank to other
hospital ward clinical areas and 57 transportation maneuver from Zagazig University Hospitals Blood
Bank to other blood bank transported in the first phase. Results: It was found that the refrigeration
status was satisfactory reaching 60% in relation to standards, labeling blood bag was perfect by 100%
except a deficient written blood expiry date, ABO grouping and Rh typing were performed to all
blood bags and 100% of the bags were labeled with it, 87.7% of blood transported from blood bank to
another were transported in insulted container, while 100% of blood transported from blood bank to
hospital ward clinical areas were not transported in insulated box. Only 6.7% of donors was lucky that
the nurse was wearing gloves. Washing hands, alcohol swabs, changing gloves were not performed by
nurses in 100% of donors. Significant improvement in the knowledge of blood bank nurses concerning
history taking , examination, disinfection, storage and transport of blood bags occurred after
intervention. As for deferral rate it was increased from 2.6% in pre intervention phase reaching 15.8%
in post intervention phase which was statistically high significant. There was significance difference
between pre and post intervention mean score of history taking and examination procedure.
Conclusion: Appropriate donor selection is an important step in ensuring safe supply of blood .

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